Student Visas

F-1 Visa

The applicant must show nonimmigrant intent. 
Schools that may be approved for attendance by F-1 students include:

  1. A college or university
  2. A community college or junior college that provides instruction in the Liberal Arts or in the professions and that awards recognized Associate degrees
  3. A seminary, conservatory, academic high school, elementary school, or an institution that provides language training, instruction in the liberal arts or fine arts, instruction in the professions, or instruction or training in more than one of these disciplines

The F-1 student is required to maintain a full-time course load.  At the undergraduate level, this generally means registration for at least 12 academic credit hours.  Graduate level “full-time” is determined by the school.

Several types of employment authorization are permitted:

  1. On-campus employment
  2. Off-campus employment
  3. Curricular practical training
  4. Optional practical training before and after completion of studies
  5. Internship with an international organization

M Visa

This is appropriate for vocational or practical training programs.  This category is more restrictive than the F visa category. 

J Visa

 This category may apply if the school sponsors an exchange visitor program.  This status may be subject to the two year restriction.