Attorney’s Fees - Labor Certification (Step 1)

Prior to preparation of labor certification application

$625 --> employer must pay

4 further monthly payments

$625 x 4 --> employer must pay

Attorney’s Fees - Petition to USCIS (Step 2)

Prior to preparation of Petition


Prior to submission of Petition


Attorney’s Fees - Adjustment of Status application (Step 3)

(includes spouse and children)

Prior to preparation of I-485 application (incl. Employment Authorization and Advance Parole)


Prior to submission of I-485 application


Additional family members

$375 (if applicable)

Annual renewals of employment & travel authorizations

$150 (if applicable)

Attorney’s Fees - Interview (if needed)

Interview instruction and preparation

Included in above fees

Interview attendance by attorney

$675 for Boston

Additional charges for other locations depending on travel time

Government Filing Fees

Labor Certification

no filing fee at this time

I-140 Petition to USCIS


I-485 Package Applications to USCIS

if in US

$1,225 per member of family

$750 (minor under the age of 14/derivative)


Estimated Advertising costs

$1,500 --> employer must pay

Estimate of delivery and copy expense


Adjustment of Status Application (final step of greencard process)

Please note that it may be up to several years before you reach this final step. For this step, both attorney’s fees and government filing fees may change in that time. Our standard attorney’s fees as displayed on our website at the time of filing this step will apply.

Fees for annual renewals and future filings are subject to change because government processing times for certain types of cases can potentially take years. Thank you.

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