List of Approvals


National Interest Waiver Petitions

Job Title Field Date Approved
Researcher Plant Biochemistry and Plant Molecular Biology 2013
Research Fellow Bioengineering 7/8/09
Renal Fellow Nephrology 3/3/09
Research Associate Nephrology 5/13/08
Research Scientist Transplantation 6/23/08
Nephrology Fellow Nephrology 5-Sep
Senior Reasearch Asst. Islet Transplant 7/26/05
Research Fellow Transplantation Immunology 7/24/04
Full Professor Pharmaceutics 6/8/02


Outstanding Researcher

Job Title Field Date Approved
Staff Scientist Immunology 11/13/13
Research Associate Molecular Biosciences 3/15/13
Instr. Of Med./Bioengineer Bioengineering 8/10/10
Research Fellow Renal Pathology 5/28/09
Research/Clinical Fellow Transplantation 9-May
Inst. Pharm./Toxicology Pharm./Toxicology 2/10/09
Insr. Of Med./Assoc. Phys. Inter. Med./Nephrology 10/21/08
Asst. Prof/Bioengineer Pharmacology/Biomedical 9/29/08
Bioengineer/Scientist Bioengineering 6/12/08
Asst. Professor Bioengineering Research 5/20/08
Instructor of Med. Bioengineering 11/28/06
Research Fellow Cardio Comp. of Diabetes 7/20/06
Research Associate Nueromuscular Bio/Dis. 6-Feb
Physician/Inst. Of Med. Nephrology/Transplantation 2/7/05
Researcher Biochemistry


EB-3Nurses I-140

Job Title Field Date Approved
Nurse Nursing 6/2/14


J-1 Waiver Cases

Job Title Field Date Approved
Primary Care Physician Internal Medicine 08/06/14


H1 B Cases

Job Title Date of approval
Medical Resident 09/24/2014
Hospitalist 09/21/2014
Physician and Medical Director 09/09/2014
Hospitalist 09/05/2014
Medical Resident 09/02/2014
Dentist 08/01/2014
Business Analyst 07/31/2014
Supplier Liaison 07/30/2014
Medical Resident 07/23/2014
Primary Care Physician 07/23/2014
Medical Resident 07/21/2014
Hospitalist 07/18/2014
Medical Resident 07/18/2014
Medical Resident 7/16/14
Medical Resident 07/14/2014
Dentist 07/11/2014
Medical Resident 2013
Medical Resident 2013
Medical Physicist 2012


O - 1 Cases

Job title Expertise Date of Approval
Director of Medical Research and Development Sleep Medicine 05/13/2014


I- 140 National Interest Waiver

Job Title Field Date Approved
Researcher Plant Biochemistry and Plant Molecular Biology 2013
Research Fellow Bioengineering 7/8/2009
Renal Fellow Nephrology 3/3/2009
Research Scientist Transplantation 6/23/2008
Research Associate Nephrology 5/13/08
Nephrology Fellow Nephrology 9/2005
Senior Research Assistant Islet Transplant 7/26/2005
Research Fellow Transplantation Immunology 7/24/2004
Full Professor Pharmaceutics 6/8/2002


I-140 Cases Based on Labor Certification

Job Title Date Approved
Dentist 2014
Web Designer 2014
Endocrinologist 2013
Staff Scientist 2013
Endocrinologist 2013
Software Engineer 02/22/2008

I-14- Cases Based on Representations

Job Title Date of Approval
Researcher 2013
Staff Scientist 2013
Researcher 2010
Fellowship in Transplantation Unit, Department of Surgery, Mass Gen Hosp. 2010


I-485 Cases

Job Title Date of Approval
Catalyst Manufacturing Services 8/19/14