Attorney Samia Chandraker with staff and sports clients

Pictured: Kateryna Stoliarenko - Skilled Ballroom Dancer

Pictured: Kateryna Stoliarenko - Skilled Ballroom Dancer

"I was more than satisfied with the services that Samia and her attorney's provided. I was so lucky to meet and work with such high level professionals! All the way I recieved immediate help and attention, all my questions and concerns were immediately solved. It was an amazing experience! I got my green card in an extremely short amount of time without ay stress or worries. I want to say thank you again to all the attorney's who helped me!"
Kateryna Stoliarenko, August 2018

"Samia and her team are very diligent, proactive, and willing to go the extra mile to make sure that they have presented the best possible case."
Anonymous, July 2018

"Samia and Alka provided exceptional advice and guidance throughout the process, from the application to the interview. They were very responsive to my queries and went above and beyond especially in preparation for the interview. I was very nervous for the interview but they calmed my nerves and made sure that I was well-prepared/ I would recommend Samia and her team for all my family and friends."
Thet Su Win, June 2018

"One of the best decisions I made so far was to work with Samia Law. I only had to meet once with Samia when I was invited for the introductory meeting and after that all my immigration cases were done remotely and all met success. I recommend Samia's office to all my close friends and family. Samia is very professional, very kind, very organized and gets it done."
Dr. Wassim El-Jouni, April 2018

"You are awesome!! You have always provided and guided me with all relevant information throughout the entire process. I was always informed. I really appreciate and it was a great pleasure to work with you guys.  I must say that you have a great people & team."
Sujal N. Shah, December 2016

"I have have been working with Samia and her team for the last eight years! It was a pleasure to work with them. Che Lam did an amazing job in meticulously preparing the paperwork, collaborating with my employers and meeting the deadlines. She was patient with answering all my questions. Hats Off to her and the team!"
Jayashree Tirumalai, October 2016

"I just want to express my deep gratitude to you and your team, especially Chi and Louise, for facilitating a favorable outcome to my I-140 sponsorship. I had doubts on our situation because of the NARH closure but I have never doubted your ability to make it happen. Again, thank you very much and more blessings to all of you"  
Brian Dagoy, September 2016

"Samia Chandraker and her team were extremely approachable and handled my case the best way possible. My H1B petition was approved very quickly and I was able to start my residency training on time. They gave instructions for every step and kept me informed during the whole application process. I would definitely recommend!"
Bruno F. Borges da C. e Silva, July 2016

"Samia, and the entire team-Nicole, Chi have been great. They guided me well with the green card application. They answered all my questions in a timely manner. They were thorough. I highly recommend Samia and team."
Dr. Neha Alang, July 2016

"Samia addressed my queries very patiently and gave me excellent guidance. Chi also kept the communications prompt from time to time."
Pallavi, June 2016

"Samia has been my lawyer for the past +6 years, and she has done an incredible job securing the approval for my green card application. Her knowledge on US immigration is encyclopedic. She has been very helpful, illustrative, and most importantly, very patient about my concerns and demanding requests. She also has an impressive history of getting green card approvals for foreign physicians, I know many of them personally. I have a good impression of her professionalism, skills, and wonderful team."
Dr. Youssef Farag, March 2016

"Thank you million times for all your efforts!"
Olga Zabolotina, March 2016

Extraordinary Musician

Extraordinary Musician

Mher Mnatsakanyan

Mher Mnatsakanyan

Attorney Samia attends Mher's performance

Attorney Samia attends Mher's performance

"I really thank you all for the hard word and huge efforts to make this happen. Stay well. My sincere greetings and wishes to all the Samia's office and to everyone who worked on my case. Best wishes and thank you all again."
Mher Mnatsakanyan & Zori Babroudi, February 2016

"Their legal services and advice regarding immigration process is just the best!"
Augustine Kiplagat, February 2016

"We just would like to thank you very much for all your help,  once more. It was really a pleasure to see you again (even though was not funny for us). We are very glad this is all over and we have our citizenship. Thanks, thanks and thanks!!!!”
Cristina Pelatere, February 2015

"I just want to express my deep gratitude to you and your team, especially Chi and Louise, for facilitating a favorable outcome to my I-140 sponsorship. I had doubts on our situation because of the NARH closure but I have never doubted your ability to make it happen. Again, thank you very much and more blessings to all of you”
Brian Dagoy, September 2015

"Big thank you for everything your team is doing!”
Olga Zabolotina, September 2015

"I am very satisfied with the team whom I worked with. I was provided with the information at every stage of my application, responded to my questions quickly and got my application approved on time.  I am glad, I had the opportunity to work with you. Thank you. ”
Naga Pushpa Guntupalli, June 2015

"I had a very good experience working with Samia and team! Since 2008, Chi has been patiently answering all my questions, made sure the paper work was through. The whole team made the process simple! Thank you!”
Jayashree Pillai, May 2015

“I highly recommend Samia and her team. They are very organized, and are always ready to file on time. They update you step by step during the whole process and are very clear with the timeframe from the beginning!”

Daniela Toro, May 2015

“We just would like to thank you very much for all your help, once more. It was really a pleasure to see you again (even though was not funny for us). We are very glad this is all over and we have our citizenship. Thanks, thanks and thanks!!!!”
Henrique Pelatere, February 2015

“I have been working with Samia and Che since my H1 application and now processing my Green Card. My experience has been stress free. Their work is meticulous. I have always felt they will take care of everything! And yes, they have!”
Jayashree Tirumalai Anandanpillai, November 2014

“I really appreciate all of your help with my case, the willingness to always discuss all issues, the professionalism of your stuff, availability via phone and email. It has been a great ride over the years working with you, Samia and your team.”
Lyes Labraoui, November 2014

“Samia law firm provided thoughtful advice and service was professional , response to calls/emails was quick. I would recommend them for immigration(H1b) issues. Thanks Samia!”
Singh Amrit, September 2014

“Thank you so much for all your help and hard work on this! The result is totally reflective of your dedication and support – I am grateful for your time and effort in making this happen. Truly appreciate all the time and effort you have put in!” 
Priyanka Garg, August 2014

“I had a very complicated case of J-1 waiver application with two separate 2YHRR. Samia & team were available through the whole process and did outstanding job in representing my case at multiple governmental agencies at a state and federal level. It felt like their company has a solid structure and experienced staff. Communication was excellent and was done through email, phone, mail updates. They were step a head of the game working on forms and applications required for my case. I very satisfied with the time frame they promised for the case because everything happened on time as expected.” 
Artsiom Tsyrkunou, June 2014

“Very pleased with work and super professional. Thanks for being so helpful with my paper work and being done on time. I hope I will utilize your services in the future.”
Mr. Vaun Katta, June 2014

“Thank you for all the help and for being readily available to answer any question I had. I would highly recommend you to my colleagues.” 
Dr. Daniela Toro, June 2014

“Everything was really good I will recommend you guys. Very effective. Thank you very much for your services.”
Mr. Carlos Rosas, June 2014

“Good communication and attention to details were very good.”
Dr. Yugandhar Kandimalla, June, 2014 
Westborough, MA

“Its been a real pleasure to work with Samia and their team. They helped me to get my J1 waiver transfer, which is a very difficult process and hardly people get the transfer. Samia and their team are very professional ,easily approachable, more importantly kept me informed. I was amazed the way they handled my wife’s H1 visa, when she had difficulty with the intent to revoke. They look into every details of the case, analyze the problems  and came up with the solutions.We followed her advice and it worked out well.  We are a happy family nowthanks to Samia and their team. I can say ,they are one of the best when it comes to immigration. I am looking forward to work with them for my green card.”  
Dr. Sathish Ramalingam, October 2013
Hospitalist/Staff Physician
Berkshire Medical Center
Pittsfield, MA

“It was a pleasure to work with Samia and her team on my application for permanent residence. Samia’s extensive background and experience was helpful in all aspects of the application process, from an extremely well organized petition letter (for the national interest waiver) to templates for reference letters to much advice on wording. Such expertise made the otherwise complex and worrisome application process very straightforward and smooth. I had my green card in hand within 4 months of Samia’s team submitting the application. I’ll be sure to recommend Samia and her team to any colleagues and friends that decide to apply for a green card or need legal advice on any immigration matter.” 
Matthew J. Hancock, Ph.D.
Visiting Scientist
Broad Institute

Cambridge, MA

“It was absolutely great working with Samia and her team.  They knew what was required, and did everything in a timely and professional manner.  I wish them all the best and continued success in the future.”
Rohit Shanker, November 2012
Navada Imports
Malborough, MA

“We found your service outstanding and very professional.  We believe you are among the best immigration attorneys in the nation!.”
Dr. Walter Suza, May 2012
Ames, Iowa

“Samia and team:  Thank you so much for getting my H-1B extension done.  I was so relieved when I got the email from Chi.  she is so very helpful.  You guys should be very proud of yourselves because by doing your job you give people hope of a better life!  Please keep doing that.”
Mr. Lyes Labraoui, February 2012
CriTech, Inc.
Hanover, MA

“I appreciate having had the opportunity to know and work with you.  Thank you for the support, guidance and encouragement you have provided me during all of my cases (H-1B, H-1B extention, labor certification and finally my greencard). I will be back there for my citizenship that’s for sure, knowing that will be a pleasant experience also. 

To all of your friendly staff Chi, Heather, Meghan and the other members who helped me, thank you son very much for making this journey stress free.”
Mr. Paulo Fehr, June 2011
Portland Construction Company
Miami, Florida

 “Today, I received my Green Card.  Thank you very much for all the effort and time that you dedicated to my case.  Definitely it was a smooth ride since day one, as you took care of fine details.  Again, many thanks for you and the rest of the people in your firm..”
Dr. Hani Erian, October 2010
Berkshire Faculty Services
Pittsfield, Massachusetts

Nopporn Rachanak-Leslie

Nopporn Rachanak-Leslie

 “As usual it was a pleasure to see you last week and to be part of such a happy ocasion for Nopporn.  Your work on her behalf has been remarkable not only with your legal representation but your sensitivity.”
Kathleen and Joe Powers, August 2010

“The Law Office of Samia Chandraker uniquely exhibits high professional level of legal service in a friendly environment.”
Dr. Mufeed Mah’D PhD, PEng, August 2010
Associate Professor
Dept. of Electrical & Computer Engineering
College of Engineering, University of Massachusetts Lowell
Lowell, Massachusetts

“We can’t thank you enough for all your support!.”
Dr. Takuya Ueno, July 2010
Staff Scientist
Department of Radiology, Massachusetts General Hospital
Boston, Massachusetts

 “Coming from a family with a legal background, I was expecting a more complicated and lengthy process obtatining my H-1B but this is far from the case.  Attorney Samia and her whole team were very detailed and punctual in helping me with each step of the process. I would highly recommend this law firm to anyone seeking assistance in obatining any type of visa.  Once again, thank you so much Samia, Chi, Christine, and Meghan for everything.”
Mr. Wanlop Longrarerng, July 2010
Purchasing Specialist
Post Road Carpets
Acton, Massachusetts

“I would like to give you a lot of thanks for everything that you did for me for this case. I still remember the first day when I met with you in your office and today everything is done.  It is all due to you.”
Dr. Aninda Basu, May 2010
Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Division of Nephrology, Children’s Hospital Boston
Boston, Massachusetts

“I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you for the excellent job that you have done for me.  Give my kind wishes to your entire staff,.”
Kjamasoka Kuara Fernando, March 2010

 “Thank you very much to all of you for your outstanding work, which has led to a most rapid receipt of my greencard.”
Dr. Tobias Schatton, February 2010
Research Fellow
Children’s  Hospital Boston
Boston, Massachusetts

“I got my greencard in the mail the day before yesterday.  Thanks so much for all the help and follow-ups.  I never imagined, it would be so quick.  You guys are awesome and doing an amazing job!!.”
Akanksha Chaand, February 2010
Westborough, Massachusetts

“Before I leave to Brazil for the Holidays (and the new visa stamp).  I just wanted to thank you and your team for your great work in my case.  Really, the whole experience was very professional, courteous, knowledgeable, responsive and quite pleasurable to talk to on the phone.  By far the best immigration Law Office I worked with.  I was given a great recommendation about you and now I can attest to your extraordinary services.”
Mr. Drayton Patriota, December 2009
Project Manager
Odeon Holdings LLC
Cambridge, Massachusetts

“Great experience beyond expectations, faster than expected, easier than expected.  Outstanding attention to details and customer needs.  Thanks!!!”
Mr. Sergey Kazakov, December 2009
Director of Operations
New England Sports Academy
Westwood, Massachusetts

“My experience was that of extreme competence, knowledge, resourcefulness, and professionalism.  I would strongly recommend your service to any one I know.”

Dr. Mariam Priya Alexander, September 2009
Research Fellow
Renal Divison Brigham and Women’s Hospital
Boston, Massachusetts

 “Thank you for your execellent work.”

Hayrapet Ghukasyan and Family, August 2009
Coach of Gymnastics
New England Sports Academy
Westwood, Massachusetts

“The staff members at the law office were excellent! Having a very busy schedule I needed experienced people to have the permanent residency process go as smoothly a s possible.  I chose your office based on my previous experience with the H1B visa and you guys exceeded my expectations. Thank you for all the hard work and kindness.”

Dr. Rejmon Dedaj – August 2009
Medical Resident
Berkshire Medical Center
Pittsfield, Massachusetts

“I’m so happy!!!! This is the greatest releif and news of all, you have no idea.  Thank you so much Chris to you and Samia as well you are great lawyers and people!”

Patricia Villalba, August 2009
Dental Resident
Berkshire Medical Center
Pittsfield, Massachusetts

“Samia and her team were just wonderful.  They were timely in their
response, courteous, and always willing to spend the extra time to
help out in any problem that I encountered.  In short, they were just

Dr. Amit Gupta, August 2009
Research Fellow
Center for Engineering in Medicine – Massachusetts General Hospital
Boston, Massachusetts

“Thank you very much for the work you did for me and my wife.  Your response time was always great and we feel that you handled our case with extreme efficientcy and on time.  Thanks again for your help.,”

Mr. Khalid Mahmood, July 2009

“All is well.  I can’t believe the synchronicity!! I was about to mail you about the good news that our passports arrived today!!  We are really ecstatic for having them so soon, and have already booked a flight to US on the 14th.  It really is your effort, otherwise it would have been difficult all through.  We are very grateful for everything you have done.  I hope I see you when I get there … Thank you again for all the support and cooperation, God bless you,”

Dr. Maimoona Inayat, July 2009
Medical Resident
Berkshire Medical Center
Pittsfield, Massachusetts

 ”Just wanted to let you know that I was able to successfully stamp my H-1B visa.  I returned home yesterday.  The interview was a snap (appointment time was 8:00 AM) and I was out of the consulate at 9:00 AM with the approval.  I wanted to thank you and Chris for your spot on advice and Chi for her help with the sample letter.”

Mr. Amol Kane, July 2009
Process Engineer
Harvard Custom Manufacturing, Inc.
Owego, New York

 ”Thank you so much for the good news and I really appreciate the excellent job you did, especially at this tough situation.”

Dr. Jun Yang, M.D., May 2009
Research Fellow
Children’s Hospital
Boston, Massachusetts

“Thank you very much for your voicemail.  I really appreciate it.  I am very pleased with all your support throughout the last year.  All correspondence and help by your office staff throughout the process was great, I will certainly keep in touch and drop by your office for a visit when I am in Westwood”

Dr. Hakan Toka, M.D., Ph.D., March 2009
Renal Fellow
Mass. General Hospital and Brigham&Women’s Hospital
Boston, Massachusetts

“I want to take the opportunity to extend my gratitude to the Law Office of Samia Chandraker for changing my visa status in two occasions.  Your enthusiasm to reply to my correspondence promptly and attentively was remarkable.  Everyone in the office is considerate and professional.  I look forward to working with you again.”

Leila Rezai, M.D., February 2008
Surgical Intern
Montefiore Medical Center
Bronx, New York

“I got the copy of the application yesterday.  I must say I was very impressed with the final product, and I really appreciate the hard work that has gone into it.  You have a terrific team, and great job.  Thanks.”

Shiladitya Sengupta, Ph.D., December 2008
Assistant Professor of Medicine and Health Sciences and Technology
Harvard Medical School/Brigham & Women’s Hospital
Boston, Massachusetts

“You did an extraordinary job taking my case out of a denial and into a successful appeal.  You took charge of my case personally, and maximized the possibility of success.  It’s you who kept working on my case when everybody else gave up on it.  Even I kind of gave up on it at some point not believing it could be turned around.  You saved my career, my future and my life!.”

Mr. Armen Pogosyan, November 2008
Athletic Trainer
New England Sports Academy
Westwood, Massachusetts

“This is fantastic news – thank you so much.  We appreciate all of your hard work and dedication over the past four years!”

Lisa Pavlides, November 2008
Senior Human Resources Manager, The Westin Copley Place Hotel
Boston, Massachusetts

“Thank you so much for your help and efforts.  I have been recommending your services to my friends for a long time and I will be doing it in the future too.  Thank you very much again.  It was a pleasure working with you.  You do a great job!”

Stanya Komarkova, October 2008
Market Research Analyst, Norwell Manufacturing Company, Inc.
East Tauton, Massachusetts

” I sought the expertise of the Law Office of Samia Chandraker for my greencard application based on rave reviews from several of my colleagues.  My application took less than one year and was handled with the utmost professionalism and courtesy.  I was very pleased with the final documentation and timely reply to all queries from USCIS.  I was especially impressed with the regular feedback and encouragment from the team during the application process.  I would recommend her practice to anyone seeking legal advice on immigration issues or for application for permanent resident in the U.S.”

Lakshman Gunaratnam, M.D., M.S.C., September 2008
Clinical and Research Fellow – B&WH-MGH Joint Nephrology Training Program
Boston, Massachusetts

“What I like most about the law firm is Atty. Samia’s deep knowledge of immigration issues and her personalized approach.  I like the attention given to me through her prompt and detailed answers to my e-mail inquiries and her urgency to take care of the issues at hand.  She even called me personally to make sure things were alright on my end.  I would definitely use her in future immigration needs and would even recommend her to my friends.  Words to best describe the law firm: very competent and excellent personalized service.”

Edgar Genosa, September 2008
Brookline, MA

“Again, thank you very much for your support and all the agony you and your team had to go through.”

Jean Joseph Jacoberer, September 2008
Patek Phillippe, Former COO
Breguet Group, Former CEO

” I finally got my Green Card and I want to thank you ladies for your great help and professional services.  I will certainly make referral for your office if I know anybody in the need of immigration services.  I am very happy and I feel very good about having my Green Card.  I truly appreciate your help and your patience and I wish the best for you.”

Majid Lashkari, September 2008
Domenech Hicks & Krockmalnic Architects
Boston, Massachusetts

“Thank you so much for your help during this process.  You did a great job!”

Dr. Liliana Markovic and Mr. Vladan Jankovic, September 2008
Psychiatrist – Berkshire Medical Center, Inc.
Pittsfield, Massachusetts

“Thank you so much for your exceptional work!”

Dr. Klaus Podar, Instructor in Medicine Harvard Medical School, August 2008
Dana-Farber Cancer Institute
Boston, Massachusetts

“Thank you very much for all your services and help with my visa work.  I am very pleased with you and your staff in this regard.  It was very efficient and organized work.  I look forward to working with you again in the future for my visa work.”

Srinivas Devarakonda, August 2008
Hospitalist – Berkshire Medical Center, Inc.
Pittsfield, Massachusetts

 “Immigration matters are very sensitive and important.  You need someone you can trust and handles the case diligently.  I can strongly recommend Samia Chandraker and her team- very professional and timely- you never feel that you are left alone…”

Dr. Jochen Reiser, Assistant Professor of Medicine & Associate PhysicianMassachusetts General Hospital, Charlestown, Massachusetts

“Samia and Team handled my case, a “special case” scenario, in an excellent and professional way.  When contacted for advice, they promptly came back, set the expectations backed by research, took the case and filed it in a very short turnaround time.  I will definitely refer my friends to their great value added service. Anytime.”

Mr. Rajesh Suddapalli, Investment Banking Associate
Bulger Capital LLC, Waltham, Massachusetts

“Thank you so much for your card and your good wishes for my future work and for the prosperity of my family.  Kalpana and I so much appreciate it . . . Thank you again.”

Dr. Hirak Sen, 2003

“We (my wife and I) were very excited about the approval of the O-1 visa and cannot express how much we appreciate the work you have done.  I spent 2 days without sleep because of the excitement.  Dr. Ellrodt just told me they have been celebrating ever since they heard from you.”

Dr. Musa Radebe , January 2003

“Attorney Samia Chandraker’s name came highly recommended from a friend when he found out that I needed advise on immigration issues. During the visa application process, she was always available to answer my queries and I never found her out of reach. From drafting letters for the faculty sponsors or the INS to updating me about the latest changes in the immigration laws, Samia’s work was thorough and professional. . . ”

Dr. Muhammad Salmanullah, Physician
Southeast Missouri Health Network, New Madrid, Missouri

“Oh my God, Samia!  That’s the best news I’ve heard!!!!!  THANKS!!!”

Ms. Gitika Srivastava,  2002
Cambridge, Massachusetts

“We are very grateful for all your help and support!!!!!!!
Blessings,  Liz”

Dr. Elizabeth Herskovits, December 2002